A weekly lifestyle parenting blog curated by two dads along with our adopted son Parker. It's a place where we examine topics like education, spirituality, style and manners (just to name a few). We share our favorite kid moments, our #parentfailures, and attempt to spark a little dialogue along the way. While we won't always get it right, we're always striving for happy. Join us on the journey!

Kelly (Papa) is a former 60 hour/week corporate executive , TV addict, exercise enthusiast and fan of one-too-many glasses of wine. He now works part time,  spends the majority of his days chasing after his toddler, secretly hopes that Parker wants to become a tennis star, and never gets to watch TV anymore. These days, one glass of wine is one too many (but he still tries). An avid learner, he is now fully immersed in his research as a stay-at-home Papa. He loves to write more than talk and is an unwitting master at socially awkward encounters. You should see him at music class with all of the moms and nannies. Good luck Parker.

Travis (Dad) is a stylish dresser, hyper-organized manager of the household, and obsessive-compulsive clean freak. He is always on the hunt for the best kid brands and beauty products. He loves to organize Parker's room, toys and closet with his label maker. He feels tremendous pride that Parker began cleaning his own toys with antibacterial wipes at the ripe old age of 13 months.  Travis is an amazing party planner, gift giver and home decorator. He is also Papa's favorite non-stop talker and questioner. Again, good luck Parker.

We're excited to share our parenting experience with you. Most importantly, we're excited to learn from your through our online conversations. We hope to build a community of families who find humor in life's messy situations and work hard to help their kids grow up healthy, celebrated and loved.